Art College

College of Arts at Xiamen University was established in 1983. Since 1984, undergraduate students have been enrolled. Both master programs of Musicology and Fine Arts were established in 1986 and master program of Art Design was later in 2003. In 2005, the college received permission to issue the degree of Master of Fine Art (MFA). In 2006 the bachelor program of Art Management started and in 2008, the admission of master program of Cultural Industry & Art Management was authorized. In 2011, the college of art was promoted to start master program for Music & Dance major,ine Arts major and Art Design. In 2014 the doctoral programs in Theory of Music Performance and The Study of Fine Arts were established. Currently there are total one hundred and nine faculty members, among whomare twenty-nine professors, thirty-one associate professors, two honorable artists of Fujian province, one specialist of "The outstanding Talent of New Era",one guest lecturer- professor, three full-time professors and one part-time professor.   

The entrance exam to College of Arts is opened to not only students in Mainland China, but also to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, as well as foreign students from all over the world. Currently there are one thousand and six undergraduate students and one hundred and fifty-three master students enrolled in the College of Arts. 

College of Arts as part of Xiamen University, a comprehensive key university which has the privilege of multiple disciplines, college of arts boasting a wide range of curriculum, which broaden students views bothin both western and Chinese ways, as well as to develop cross-discipline training that nurtures young artists who are well-educated in traditional culture and creative in modern society.    

Department of Fine Arts

The establishment of the department of fine arts has attracted a huge numbers of outstanding artists and teachers to be the founder-faculties. Thirty-five years passed by, the department of fines arts has earned its representative art style that sources from costal area of China and Taiwan. Numerous innovative compositions and studies evoke the specialists' attention in the society. 

The disciplines in department of fine arts include Chinese painting, oil painting, lacquer painting, sculpture, education in fine arts and theory of fine arts. The ultimate goal of training in these disciplines is to nurture young talents with rounded arts understanding and adventurous mind to create new language in arts. The strong faculty members who are also famous artists play an important role in nurturing new talents. They are Prof. Li-Ping Zhang, Prof. Jin-Hua Chen, Prof. Wen-Xun Li, Prof. Min Yuan, Prof. Chun Lin and Prof. Rong-Hua Wu. What deserves to be specially mentioned is the increasing popularity of lacquer painting has become a specialty in the department of fine arts. Compositions of students and faculties have won many prizes in domestic competitions and exhibitions. The records of compositions being selected in the final stage in competitions have reached the highest amount among all arts institutions in China. The department of fine arts plays a leading role in the discipline of lacquer painting over China. Making an exception, Chinese Artists Association choose department of fine arts in college of arts at Xiamen University to be the base for the committee of lacquer art, which is the only committee for professional fine arts founded away from Beijing. 

Department of fine arts, as a representative department of Chinese traditional arts, has cooperated with College of Humanities and successfully combined the studies of fine arts and humanities as a cross-discipline subject and started the enrollment for doctoral program with the assessment of experts in 2014. This the best example of cross-discipline curriculum. 

Department of Music & Dance

The master program in musicology in the department of music was founded in 1987. In 2011, department of music & dance for master program has given the authorization. In 2014, college of humanities and college of arts cooperated in enrollment for the doctoral program of arts performance & theory. 

Based on the historical background and geographical position of Xiamen University, music discipline has been focusing on inheriting and passing on characteristic music in Min-nan area. Creative ideas and compositions are greatly encouraged and promoted in the hope that both music and dance performance will be the presentation of practical training and theory studies. Now department of music & dance has developed a complete curriculum for professional studies, combining theories and practice, ntegrating traditions and innovations and obtaining domestic and international point of view. The strong faculty members in music discipline serve as the solid training base for young talents. Famous musician includes Prof. Li Su, Prof. Shu-Hua Chen, Prof. Yan-Fang g-Chen, Prof. Young-Chun Duan, Prof. Lian-Na Ho, Prof. Yan-Fang Zhao, Prof. Kun-Li Li and Prof. Jennifer Ku.

Music department keeps its focus on developing international culture and education exchange and lots of exchange programs have been conducted both domestically and internationally. Frequent lectures, master classes and concert performances are the best witness of the active educational functions in music discipline.  

In recent years, several symphonic and choral compositions have been performed by the music department and toured in Singapore,  Malaysia, Fuzhou city (Fujian province), Jiangxi province, Guizhou province and Shenzhen city. On Nov. 13 2017 the symphony orchestra and choir of College of Arts at Xiamen University gave its astonishing debut in Beijing National Theatre that received highly recognition . 

Department of Art Design

Department of Art Design includes several disciplines such as visual art design, environmental art design and digital media art design. The master program of art design was founded in 2003. Current curriculum include graphic design, environmental art design、public space art design, form design for publicity, design for cultural industry, design of name brand and packaging, design of digital image advertisement, design of multi-materials and design study of folk arts. Department of art design of Xiamen University is a member of ICOGRADA. In 2011, it ranked as one of the global top 100 institutions in art design by WorldDesign Congress. 

Department of art design has been striving for its competitive strength and influences not only in domestic area, but also international wide, in leading role in the art design discipline. Current main force is to set up solid fundamental education for bachelor students and creative practice within research projects for master students. 

Since the beginning of 2012, "Encouraging students to participate in international competitions has been issued and gained greatly support.

Teaching method of "goal-oriented program" has shown its fruitful result over the previous years. Many well-known experts and scholars have been invited to present workshops、lectures and lessons. These kind of "goal-oriented" programs are designed specifically for the need of certain groups of students forming multi-lateral teaching resources. Recently, 160 students participated in the contest, and among them there are sixty-four compositions being selected, which is a huge break-through for the department of art design of Xiamen University and furthermore, people have entitled this incredible record as "Xiamen University Phenomena". 

Regarding to research success, faculty members received grant of four millions RMB for the national-level research plan “Construction of mobile image system in virtual museums – taking world culture heritage Gulangyu Museum as an example”. This is the only national research of arts subject that Xiamen University has been given. 

As for presenting creative works, faculty members and students have participated in International Poster Biennale in Mexico, International Poster Triennial in Toyama、The Eighth TrnavaPoster Triennial 2015 in Slovakia、ASIA NEXT 2015 – Poster Experimental Design Invitation Exhibition、Asia Graphic Design Triennial (Korea), Beijing Fashion Art International, everal articles representing department of art design have been published on major scholarly magazines "Studies in Culture and Arts" and "New Arts" . Faculty members from department of art design have been invited to give presentations in domestic and international conferences. 

Department of Art Design has striven to international communication and cooperation, including academic exchange programs, as well as inviting well-known experts from Europe、U.S.A、 Hong Kong、Macao and Taiwan areas to give long-term lessons on regular base. Institutions enjoys a cooperative partnership with department of art design include: Sandberg Institute in Netherland、OsnabrÜck University of Applied Sciences in Germany、Taiwan Kaosiung Normal University and Taiwan Fu Jen Catholic University.