Successful Hosting of XMU-UCHRI Academic Symposium on December 26, 2018
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The XMU-UCHRI Academic Symposium, which was hosted by Managing Department of Social Sciences of XMU was successfully held at Xiamen University on December 26, 2018. Professor David Theo Goldberg, Dean of the University of California Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI), as well as the teachers and the students from the College of Humanities, attended the symposium.

(The sharing of the research project by one of the graduate students to the dean of UCHRI) 

During the symposium, the professors and two graduate students from the College of Humanities of XMU presented their latest discoveries in the field of the food anthropology and the medical anthropology to Professor Goldberg. After the tea break, Professor Goldberg shared ample experience regarding the construction and the current operation mode of the UCHRI in detail which involves the research projects, academic teams, research achievements, communication and exchange platforms, etc. An in-depth discussion between the teachers of XMU and Professor Goldberg was also held concerning the development of humanities.

Professor Chen Wuyuan, the director of Managing Department of Social Sciences of XMU, expressed that UCHRI has an advanced level of developing the humanities discipline, which is equipped with sufficient funding and talents. The sharing of the experience of the construction of the UCHRI is significant given that it gives much inspiration for XMU to develop its own humanities discipline. The visiting of Professor Goldberg is instrumental for the promotion of the internationalization of the humanities discipline of Xiamen University.

(XMU-CIPSH Collaboration Office, 

Managing Department of Social Sciences of XMU)