A Review Meeting of the 2019 Global Humanities Forum Held in Xiamen Unviersity
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A review meeting of the Global Humanities Forum (convened from April 25 through 28, 2019 in Xiamen University) was held on June 13th, 2019 in Xiamen University. Attendees were President Zhang Rong, representatives from Managing Department of Social Sciences, College of Humanities, XMU-CIPSH Collaboration Office respectively, as well as scholars and experts from related fields. This meeting reflected on the impact and productiveness of the 2019 Global Humanities Forum, and looked ahead to the future of the internationalization and cooperation of humanities and social sciences of Xiamen University. 

This meeting was moderated by Prof.Gao Herong, Director of Social Science Division. Prof. Zhang Xianqing, Director of XMU-CIPSH Collaboration Office and Vice Dean of School of Sociology and Anthropology, delivered a recap on the 2019 Global Humanities Forum and outlined a feasibility plan for the next phase. Furthermore, Prof. Zhang suggested that Xiamen University host the 2nd World Humanities Conference from the aspects of the Conference’s profound significance, the advantages Xiamen University processed in bidding for the Conference, the strategic bid plan, operating mechanism and logistics, as well as the safeguarding. 

The floor was then opened to all attendees for questions and recommendation from their individual areas of expertise. This discussion session was cloaked with an enthusiastic atmosphere. 

President Zhang Rong wrapped up the meeting by first responding to questions raised by attendees. Then President Zhang highlighted the far-reaching magnitude of the  2019 Global Humanities Forum that had been successfully hosted by Xiamen University, as well as the positive impact it catalyzed on the internationalization of the humanities and social sciences of Xiamen University. President Zhang also pinpointed the insights into the momentousness of Xiamen University hosting the 2nd World Humanities Conference. According to President Zhang, organizing the Conference would help initiate a more focused disciplinary orientation to further speed up an interdisciplinary approach to showcasing Xiamen University’s advancement in humanities and social sciences, and its progressive and prolific development in New Humanities. All of these endeavors would help bring new impetus to boost the development of humanities and social sciences of Xiamen University to a whole new level.